Dec 22, 2008

Pre-Christmas Gathering Feast

This year, we had an early christmas party at my friend's house on Saturday. Some of them are going for holidays so we decided to have a Pre-Christmas gathering. I'm in charge of preparing the dinner.

It's really a tiring day after it was over but it's worth the effort as they enjoyed the dinner very much. Most of the food I prepared were dishes learnt from my X'mas Workshop with Chef Yong.

A fun-filled night with lots of food and gifts! The dinner started off with:

Prawn & Mango Cocktail Salad & Corn, Bacon & Porcini Mushroom Chowder

Honey Glazed Ham w/Roast Veg & Bean Stew

Pan Fried Salmon Fillet w/Pesto Sauce & Grilled Miso Chicken

Grilled Bratwurst & Red Skin Potatoes Salad

Our dessert of the day - X'mas Fruit Flan and our party ended with gifts exchange.

So much food, of course there were some leftover so we brought some home for next day lunch. This was my lunch on Sunday. I think I must learn to proportion & estimate as I always tend to prepare more than is needed.


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