Feb 22, 2009

Easy Crispy Puff w/Pork Mushroom Pate

My Sunday morning breakfast - Easy Crispy Puff w/Pork Mushroom Pate. This is an very easy snack to make anytime of the day using instant frozen prata as the pastry and just fill it with tuna, sardine, salmon or anything of your choice. This morning I happen to have a canned of pork pate to use it as the filling. You be surprised at how easy and tasty this prata can be by baking it this way.

Frozen Prata
Filling of your choice
1. Remove 1 side of the wrapper and let it stand for awhile to soften.
2. Spread the filling onto half side of the frozen prata.
3. Fold the prata into half and seal by pressing harder at the round edge.
4. Freeze it again to remove the wrapper smoothly.
5. Bake at 180C w/fan for 10-15min or till puff up & golden brown.
(Can use toaster to bake too.)


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