Mar 8, 2009

Steamed Glutinuous Rice w/Chicken

Steamed Glutinous Rice w/Chicken or "Lor Mai Kai", one of my favorite dim sum and usually I like to have it for breakfast. It's been awhile since I made this delicious delight and I made quite a good one as I hava a very good recipe from my aunt. My version is quite special as I added pacific clam. Simply delicious!

Today, I like to share this recipe with the readers of my blog. I provide a very detailed step by step guide illustrating the whole cooking process. Enjoy and do try this recipe. It's really really very yummy.

Step by step recipe:
Lor Mai Kai (made 20 portions) 
1.2kg Glutinous rice (wash & soak 5-6hrs)
500g Skinless boneless chicken leg (slice)
6pcs Dried mushroom (Soaked in water till soften & sliced)
2pcs Chinese sausage (remove skin & slice)
1can Pacific clam (drain away the water)
650ml Water (to be added later during steaming of rice)

Glutinuous Rice Seasoning:
4tsp Salt
2tsp Concentrated chicken stock (Woh Hup)
4tsp Sugar
1tbsp Oyster sauce
1/2tbsp Light sauce
1/2tsp Dark sauce
3tsp Sesame oil
4tbsp Cooked olive oil (Heat up the oil in the microwave for 2min and pour into the mixture)

Method for cooking glutinuous rice:
1. After soaking the glutinuous rice for 5 hrs, drain & transfer to a mixing bowl.
2. Get ready the rice seasoning.
3. Add rice seasoning into the rice and mix well.
4. Transfer to a deep steaming dish and steam for 20mins.
5. Prepare the water (650ml) for adding into the rice after 1st round of 20min steaming.
6. After 20mins, add water into the rice.
7. Stir well with chopstick.
8. Continue to steam for another 20-25mins till cook.
9. Set aside to cool and divide into 20 portions.

Chicken & Mushroom Seasoning:
1tsp Salt
1 1/2tsp Sugar
1/2tbsp Light sauce
1tsp Dark sauce
1/2tbsp Oyster sauce
3tsp Sesame oil
1tbsp Oil
2tbsp Water
1 1/2tbsp Cornflour
2tsp Ginger juice

1. Add seasoning except ginger juice into the chicken, season for 15mins.
2. After 15mins, add in mushroom and mix well.
3. Lastly, stir in ginger juice.
4. Get ready the mould, either metal or disposal bowl will do.
5. Place the sausage, pacific clam and seasoned ingredients into the bowls.
6. Top each bowl with cooked glutinous rice and press hard.
7. Depend on the size of your steamer & wok, mine can only take in 7 bowls each time.
8. Steam for 30 mins.
9. Unmould and serve warm with any preferred chilli sauce.


Anita said...

This look very and very delicious !!!

Thank you for posting the step by step pictures Wens

I sure will try it out soon , but i have to omit the lap-cheong and clam ,coz cannot get them here :(

Wen said...


Glad to know that you will be trying this recipe.

Happy cooking!

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