Aug 15, 2009

Chempedak Gateaux

Chempedak is a tropical fruit that is commonly found growing in the wild of Asia. The appearance is almost similar to Jackfruit but smaller in size. The distinctive sweet aroma and fragrant taste of the pulpy flesh is what most people sought after. Even the hard seeds can be cooked and eaten like chestnut.

Finally got into baking it last week. Been on my to bake list ever since I tasted it at Big Boy Oven's Workshop few months ago. Thought of decorating it like the Durian cake from Goodwood Park but my version looked quite untidy... lol! However it taste quite good, it's soft, fragrant and creamy. Brought it to office to share with colleagues and had received many good comments. Though I had already reduced the sugar but some of them including myself still find it sweet.


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