Sep 25, 2009

Green Tea Chiffon Cake w/Strawberry

My bakes for Sep 09 also include this green tea chiffon cake which I would like to post it separately. After trying the green tea chiffon cake from Tampopo, I kept telling myself I must try to bake one somedays. Finally got myself into baking one as I wanted to make one for my best friend's birthday. She simply loves anything that's green tea so I have to try out the recipe first before baking one for her.

I'm glad it turned out quite nice and my colleagues who's my testers all gave rather good comments. Of course still can't compare to the one from Tampopo but rather close to their's except their cream taste nicer probably because they used dairy cream.

8th Sep 2009

Recipe modified & adapted from my orange chiffon cake recipe:
5 Egg yolks
80g Sugar

100g Fresh Milk (warmed)
2-3tsp Green tea powder (Good quality type from Japan)
50g Sunflower/veg oil
1/2 tsp Vanilla paste
1 tbsp Rum liquor
A pinch of salt

110g Superlite flour (Prima)
1/2 tsp Baking powder (Double action)

5 Egg whites
70g Sugar
1/4tsp Cream of tartar

(For 21-22cm chiffon mould)
Preheat oven at 160-170 degree C

1. For Ingredient (B) - Heat up the milk and stir in green tea powder till well mix. When it cool down, add in the rest of (B) & mix well. Set aside.

2. Sieve (C) together. Set aside.

3. Whisk (A) till the egg yolks turn creamy pale yellow colour about 3mins. Add in (B) and mix well. Follow by (C), mix well set aside.

4. Whisk (D) at max speed untill stiff.

5. Add in 1/3 meringue into mixture (3) and fold well.

6. Pour this mixture back to the balance meringue and fold well till the mixture is smooth flowing and glossy.

7. Pour into a clean & grease free 21-22cm chiffon mould and bake for 50-55 mins. Bang the mould before going into the oven to release excess air. To test doneness of the cake, bake until the cake rises high and then starts to shrink.

8. When the cake is cooked, invert the cake to cool. Remove the cake from the cake pan when it is completely cool. Optional - Cream the cake with whipped cream & decorate w/strawberry.

For decoration (optional):
200g Whipping cream (I used pour & whip)
1-2 thbsp kirsh/Rum liquor
1/2 tsp Vanilla
Fresh Strawberry


Anita said...

Malaysian chinese chef Agnes Chang taught this Green tea chiffon before....

Rei said...

That's just lovely! Looked so soft. I love the cakes at Tampopo too!

Wen said...

Hi Ak,

Oh ya... Same recipe? But mine was just a conversion from my usual chiffon cake recipe...

Wen said...

Hi Rei,

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Yes the cake was soft and light with very mild green tea fragrant.

Me too, love those cakes from Tampopo. They are really really nice...

L said...

Oh yum!! Looks delicious! :)

The Cilantropist said...

Oh this looks incredible and inventive! I love all the colors!

Jelly Shot Test Kitchen said...

I love green tea flavored desserts - I love also that you have a chiffon cake 101 post . . . will check that out!

Wen said...

Hi Jelly Shot Test Kitchen,

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

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