Sep 16, 2009

Valerie's Open Pineapple Tarts Workshop

Attended Valerie's Open Pineapple Tarts Workshop at The Serangoon CC on 3rd Sep 2009. An interesting class with some hand-on experience.

Usually, I will use my aunt's recipe during CNY but I was just curious how's Valerie's version fared as her recipes are usually good so registered for both her open & close pineapple tarts class. I was not disappointed, the tarts tasted great and really was those melted in the mouth types. And, the pineapple was freshly made too. Maybe going to try her recipe for the coming CNY...

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Anonymous said...

I like the little flower on top of the filling...they look so cute

They give me a impression 'Eat me now !' Hehehehe


Wen said...

Hi Ak,

Ya you are right! The little flowers are really cute and a good ideal too.

Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know if this recipe has milk powder flavour? (as I prefer so) thanks, Chris

Wen said...

Hi Chris,

Yes, milk powder is added but I remembered it tasted more buttery than milky.

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