Sep 16, 2009

Yummy Claypot

I was back to Joo Chiat again for dinner on the same day where I had lunch at Ubin Seafood. As I heard my boss mentioned that there was something quite nice at Yummy Claypot but she never mentioned what was it... So since I'm meeting my uncle's for dinner so I suggested to go there. However, we were not very satisfied with our dinner, after all was not so yummy... maybe we should just order their signature black chicken wrapped in pig stomach soup (S$30) instead which was being raved about.

Claypot Minced Meat Salted Fish Rice - S$5.50

It's heaven & earth as compared to Claypot Fun. The minced meat seasoning was not nice and the oil used was not fresh so giving us an unpleasant after taste.

Claypot Chicken Rice - S$5.50

This was much better than the minced meat claypot at least with some claypot fragrant.

Dried Tea Mushroom Soup - S$4.80
Huai Shan w/Black Chicken Soup - S$6.00

Both soup were a tad too oily & had a sour aftertaste which all of us disliked.

Sambal Sotong w/Chicken Gizzard - S$12.00

We were wondering real hard why they named this dish sambal. There was no sambal at all and tasted horrible using curry powder or maybe also some chiili powder to fry it. Very China style of cooking...

Dual Style Baby Kailan - S$8.00

This was so far the most normal & acceptable dish for us but still I think it's a bit too oily.

Pork Belly Fried Beehoon - S$6.00

After the above not very satisfying dishes, we added an order of beehoon which the texture turned out to be good but lack of garlic fragrant & a bit too salty. Seem like nothing can interest us in this resturant...

Fresh Veg Juice - S$2.50

However, this was rather refreshing after all the above oiliness. Their home made vegetables juice using cai xin, apples etcs.
As we were leaving the restaurant, this pressure cooking pots caught my attention. Really high tech right... not even using gas, all electrical.

Yummy Claypot
340 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427592
Tel: 6345 7345
Open Daily:
Lunch 11pm - 3pm
Dinner 5.30pm - 2am


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