Oct 27, 2009

Valerie's Cookies Workshop @ 22.10.09

Baking cookies used to be one of my favourite hobbies when I'm not so into baking cakes. I love to collect good chocolate chips cookie recipe though I do have some nice recipes but still hoping for better ones that are super crunchy and rich flavor like Famous Amos cookies. So I was overjoyed when I knew that Valerie will be having cookie class in October at The Serangoon CC. Her classes are very popular and always full so I was lucky to register early for it.

The chocolate chip & pecan cookies are addictively yummy and almost 80% tasted liked Famous Amos but was a bit sweet for me. Going to try baking them at home this weekend.

This was a chewy cookies w/white chocolate chips, raisin, cranberries & oatmeal. It was not bad but I still prefer cookies to be crunchy instead.

Our take home samples in nice cartoon bags.

Login OnePA or Email: valbakes@yahoo.com.sg for workshops schedules.


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