Nov 16, 2009

Saizeriya - A Revisit

9th Nov 2009
My birthday dinner with family. A 2nd visit within a month which was quite unusual for us. Anyway just don't want to spend too much because been dining out rather often recently so decided to go back to Saizeriya for some value for money simple homestyle Italian food. These were what we had, totally different from previous visit.

Still an enjoyable dinner though there were some hits and misses. The misses were:
Clam chowder - too sweet for my liking
Baked rice - the rice too soggy.
Squid ink pasta - too bland and dry

Sauteed Fresh Mushroom
Sweet Corn Salad

Clam Chowder Soup
Garlic Focaccia

Beef Bologese Baked Rice
Seafood Pizza


Pasta in Squid Ink
Bacon & Tomato Spaghetti

Baked Mussels
Roast Chicken Leg

177 River Valley Road
#02-22 Liang Court Shopping Centre
Singapore 179030
Tel: 63379001
Operating hour:
10am - 10pm


TC Leow said...

Hi Wen,

It's me again, Jean. I like Richard Goh's banana cake and tried to bake it serveral time. My cake always sink in the centre while baking and it is very crumbly and cannot hold itself after bake. What could be the reason?

Can u help me pls.

Wen said...

Hi Jean,

Maybe due to underfolding or underbaking. Try to use plain flour and oil instead of butter.

Anyway, I will be making this banana cake this week. I try to take some photos of the consistency of the mixture for you. I did it few times all quite ok so I really don't know what went wrong with yours.

TC Leow said...

Hi Wen,

Thank you very much.

I like this banana cake very much because it is soft and light. Though the cake turn out to be crumbly but the taste is good.

I actually make 1/2 the recipe and I reduce the sugar to 100g.The rest I follow Richard's recipe.

I am using the Kenwood 6.5litre mixer, what speed do I use for whisking the egg, sugar and banana. Any timing to watch? I am also fearful of overbeating the mixture.

Anyway, I will try again and thank you once again.


Wen said...

Hi Jean,

I think max sugar to reduce is about 15-20g which I had already reduce in my recipe (original 150g, I reduced to 130g). Sugar is a very important component to the cake.

I'm using Kenwood Chef, usually I will whisk at max speed about 10 mins - 12 mins till stiff.

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