Dec 31, 2009

'09 X'mas Eve Lunch Party @ Work

24th Dec 2009

There's always a celebration in my workplace for Christmas! We will have a buffet lunch and a S$15.00 gift exchange session on the eve. This year the HR of my office asked me for recommendation on logcake. I suggested to order macarons from Aunty Yochana instead for a change. All of us was rather impressed by the awesome X'mas Macaron Tree nicely and delicately put up by Aunty Yochana.
(All photos in this post were taken with my uncle's Canon EOS 500D, still learning how to use it.)

X'mas Macaron Tree @ S$220.00 (80 to 90 pcs)

The macaron was very crispy and chewy with cream and chocolate fillings. It's was not too sweet, at least to my standard of sweetness . Very addictive and yummy!

The base of the tree was supported by a yummy chocolate shortcake. A little gift from Aunty Yochana to me - mini dragonfly agar agar from Yochana to me.

Yochana's Cake Delight

We ordered a ginger house from my boss's favourite Patisseries too. I didn't get to taste it as everyone think it was too pretty to eat. In the end, my boss brought it home.

The Patissier

Warmish Homey @ S$48.00

Aromatic and delicate tasting gingerbread house fragrant with warm ginger and sweet - smelling spices decorated with icing wintry cheer snowman and jingle friends.

The caterer for this year X'mas lunch - Eatz Catering Services. We are rather disappointed with their services. It's unbelievable that they were late by an hour. I'm not sure what compensation they are giving as our HR refuse to pay them. The food and set up was not impressive.

eatz Catering Services
S$13.80 per head min 50 paxes

1. X'mas Platter - Honey Baked Sliced Turkey Ham & Turkey Salami served with Cranberry Sauce & Pineapple Rings - Not bad!2. Oven-Baked Peppery Chicken with Peppercorn Mushrooms Sauce & Bell Peppers - Dry & lack flavors.
3. Japanese “Snapper” Fish Karaage with Thai Mayo - Just normal!
4. Fried Golden Prawns with Salad Cream - Not bad!5. Signature Madras-Style Tender Lamb Curry with Potatoes - Quite nice!6. Pumpkin & Potato Croquettes on a Lettuce Bed - replace by fish finger without informing us, it's almost similar to No. 37. Seasonal Vegetables topped with Mushrooms & Wolfberries - Very bland!
8. Mediterranean-Style Pilaf Rice with Black Olives, Nuts & Raisins - Rice texture was good!
9. Chinese-Style Seafood Fried Bee Hoon - A bit too soggy!
10. Christmas Cocktail Jelly with Sea Coconut & Aloe Vera - Nice!
11. Festive Refreshing Cranberry Punch - too sweet!
12. Complimentary - X'mas Log Cake - didn't try as it doesn't look appealling.

20 Waringin Park
Singapore 416333
Tel: 6789 0328 Fax: 6442 0928


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