Dec 30, 2009

Waraku Japanese Causal Dining

23th Dec 09

Pre-X'mas Eve dinner with family. Instead of western food we decided to have Japanese instead. Mainly was to accomodate me as I kept craving for Japanese food recently. We went to Waraku at Marine Square. Though it was not my first time but the quality and standard of the food seem liked not as good as before. We ordered quite a few side dishes to share instead of having the main course.

1. Chawanmushi $3.80 - not very smooth and was only lukewarm when served
2. Hokkai Salad $9.80 - Would prefer a variety of lettuces instead of just iceberg lettuce.
3. Edamame $4.00 - bland and cold.
4. Kawaebi Kara $6.80 - Very nice, crispy and rather addictive.

5. Crab Spicy Maki $10.80 - Nice, one of my all time favourite.
6. Uni Gunkan $8.00 - For my aunt, she like uni.
7. Salmon Sushi $3.60 - Very cheap only $0.90 per pc.
8. Salmon Toro Sashimi $6.80 - Quite disappointed with this as the sashimi was a bit too icy cold like didn't thaw properly.

9. Kaminabe set $19.80 - for my Aunt Peggy who wanted rice and soup. We had the miso soup instead of clear soup but I think clear soup will taste better with the seafood.
10. Yaki Soba $8.80 - Noodle was too thick for our liking.
11. Yakitori Don $10.80 - Thumb up for this and the portion was very big.
12. Kama Yaki $6.80 - Our all times favourite, sweet and juicy.
13. Asparagus Itame $5.80 - Pretty yummy. Asparagus cooked on the hotplate with bacons and mayo.

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6 Raffles Boulevard Marina Square
Singapore 039594
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