Dec 17, 2009

IVINS - Renovated & Price Increase!

4th Dec 2009

A Revisit - Dinner at IVINS with my brother who dropped by to play with my darlings especially Wally. My Wally likes him a lot and treat him as his "Best Friend"! Knowing he likes spicy food especially Peranakan food so I suggested to go IVINS as we had a rather satisfying and value for money dinner the last time (13/10/09).

We noticed that they did some minor renovation, it's looked clean & neat with fresh paint, new carpet & new fixtures. They also revamped their menu and prices. Now, not all the dishes are in served in claypots. There are some new dishes and prices have increased tremendously to my surprise but in term of portion about the same. I noticed whenever we had a revisit, somehow the food just didn't taste as good as the first time. I'm not sure whether we are too picky or our expectations are too high... We ordered some different dishes from previous visit.

Ayam Buah Keluak
New Price(NP) S$9.80 / Old Price (OP) S$6.20

A chef recommendation dish - Chicken braised in thick tamarind gravy with buah keluak nuts. According to my brother, IVINS's version is good though the buah keluak nuts had no stuffing. Even with the price increase, he think it's still quite worth it as the portion was good.

Sotong Hitam
NP - S$7.50 / OP - S$4.80

A wrong order. We saw the next table had something in dark strips and can't figure out what was that? So check with the waitress and she told us was Squid but actually was Honey Pork! I think the waitress was new and not familiar with the food at all. Another chef recommendation. Squid stir fry with black sweet sauce. Not bad with nice stir fry aroma but didn't "wow" me.

Kuah Lada Ikan Pari
NP - S$8.00 / OP - S$4.90

Stingray in tamarind and pepper gravy. Not only it didn't look appetizing, it also taste weird too. Really can't figure out the taste, had a peppery and bitter after taste. Seem like forget to add salt or sugar??? Luckily the fish was very fresh so we dipped the fish in the rendang sauce instead.

Udang Gala Masak Nanas
NP - S$12.00 / OP - S$5.20

3 big tiger prawns and pineapples in tamarind gravy. The price had increased so much for this dish!!! More than 100%! Previously was smaller prawns but there's about 5 prawns in a serving, now 3 big ones only. Still not very justifiable though it's taste better than the last time. The sauce was richer and thicker not so diluted.

Ayam Rendang
NP - S$8.90 / OP - S$5.20

Still taste as good and portion like smaller than the last time even with price increased.

Tempra / Chili Pomfret
NP - S$10.00 / OP - Market price

This was the only dish that was cheaper than our previous visit. The last time was on market price and we had a bigger fish @ S$13.00, now they fix it at S$10.00. However, my brother don't like this type of chilli topping as he preferred the real sambal.

Longbean Masak Titek
NP - S$6.50 / OP - S$4.60

Longbean stir fry with prawns and sambal as stated on the menu but I think it should be dried shrimp instead. Not bad, the sambal was similar to the fish topping.

Lady Fingers Sambal
NP - S$5.00 / OP - S$3.50

We had this the last time too. Same portion but higher price.

*New* Durian Chendol - S$4.00

This is new on the menu and a "Die die must try" ! It was not too sweet with a generous topping of fresh durian flesh and very fragrant gula melaka sauce. Really nice and not just good is heavenly good! We even packed 2 boxes home. My brother said he will come back just to have this dessert. Previously most of the dessert was priced at $1.50 but portion was very small. Now increased to S$2.50 and portion was good so are quite justified.

When I was doing up this post, then I noticed the sharp increase of price when I compared to the old one! Even so, I think my family will still come back once awhile as some of the food are really worth coming back for especially the dessert. I believe not only me, there will be lots of complaints on the price change too!

No. 2/4 Jalan Leban,
Upper Thomson Road,
Singapore 577548
Tel: 6451 4622

Operating Hours
11am to 9pm Daily (Lunch/Dinner)
Friday & Saturday - extended till 11pm
last order at 10.15pm


Anonymous said...

Went there 2 weeks ago. Find the increased price acceptable as the portions are bigger but I suspect they have changed the cook.

I have been to Ivins many many times starting from the opening of their branch in Binjai Park. My family will not patronise them again. Food was bland, sambal sotong was watery(rubbery sotong dunked in chillie water).

I should know something was amiss when there was no queue outside and plenty of vacant tables. The cashier denied a change of management and also mentioned the menu in Binjai Park will be changed to the one in upper Thomson soon.

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