Dec 26, 2009

Valerie's X'mas Logcake Workshop

13th Dec 09

This was a much looking forward class - Christmas Log Cakes by Valerie's at Safra Tampines. 2 types of log cakes were demonstrated. Both using the same type of flourless chocolate roll which was supposed to be flourless traditionally according to Valerie.

Valerie's Blackforest Logcake

Flourless Almond Chocolate roll filled with Kirsh soaked cherries and cream. This is very good and I prefer this than the chocolate logcake. Hoping to try this out for X'mas if I'm free.

Valerie's Chocolate Logcake

Flourless chocolate roll with rum raisin, choc crunch and thick chocolate ganache. This is a very rich and sweet chocolate cake, not my cup of tea. Probably the chocolate lover and those with real sweet tooth will like it.

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