Jan 19, 2010

Bangkok Kaya Cake

14th Jan 2010

Bangkok Kaya Cake is a combination of coffee agar agar and coconut pudding with a layer of cake. The original recipe used marie biscuit cake base but to make it simplier it was subsituted with Pandan chiffon cake mix. The three flavour complimented each other pretty well. When eaten cold, was a very nice and refreshing dessert. I think this cake originated from Malaysia though many thought it should be from Bangkok since it's named after her. Thanks AK for sharing this recipe with me. Mine didn't stick together well probably because I didn't add the cake layer immediately after I pour in the coconut pudding.


edith said...

Wen, I love the colour and how yours turned out. So bright and cheerful.

Wen said...

Hi Edith,

Thanks to the thick layer of cake...lol!

Blessed Homemaker said...

Nice cake!

Blessed Homemaker said...

I've got a recipe for this but yet to try it out. Your cake looks gorgeous!

Wen said...

Hi BH, Thanks for dropping by... You have lots of nice bakes too!

AK said...

Make me want to make this cake again after looking at your pic Wens

Your picture and also Edith picture for this BK cake look so good !!!

Mine picture not very good looking :(
I think i need to upgrade my camera and sign up a photography course

Anonymous said...

This looks so beautiful! MH

Wen said...

Thanks MH!

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