Jan 19, 2010

Chicken Rice at Techlink Kopitiam

12th Jan 2010

Kopitiam at Techlink (Kaki Bukit) is one of the nearest food court at my workplace that I will go with my fellow colleagues during lunch hour. They have a variety of stalls and one of our favourite is the Chicken Rice stall at the corner. I had eaten there numerous time over the years and I finally decided to blog about them.

Last Tuesday, C gave us a treat for striking consolation in lottery. We had a mixture of steam and roast chicken with livers, lemon chicken and beansprout to share. If you don't wish to have rice, you can opt for plain porridge, vermicelli or macaroni instead. All at S$0.50 only, same price as rice. Usually I will go for macaroni or porridge. Their pricing is reasonable and the food is not bad too.

(Photos by iPhone)

Kopitiam @ Techlink
Chicken Rice Stall (Siang Hai)
31 Kaki Bukit Road 3
Singapore 417818


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