Feb 13, 2010

Bounce by Chef Daniel's Kitchen

Oh mine! My backlogs are piling up! I actually absent from my blog for more than a week. I was so tied up, I was busying with my CNY bakes, then I went for a short getaway at Changi Meriden Hotel last weekend to celebrate my buddy's birthday and last few days till now I was sicked. Finally today everything are almost ready for the reunion dinner and CNY, I can find some time to update my blog before the dinner starts. The rest of the backlogs, hope to keep it up to date during CNY as I will be off till the 6th day of CNY...

Bounce Restaurant located at the roof top of Illuma by Chef Daniel's Kitchen was newly opened 2 to 3 months ago. If not from the advertisement my aunt saw on the newspaper, I will never know that there's such a restaurant up there serving fusion food. Ambiance is good but was surprised it was very quiet when we were there for dinner on one of the Sunday (24/1/10) few weeks ago. Food was average not very impressive. If you want a quiet place to dine, this restaurant is a good choice.

Complimentary Focaccia Bread

Trilogy Appetizers - S$10.00

Pork Cutlet, Top Shell and Edamame

Baked Half Shell Mussel with Cheese - S$16.00

Not use to the cheese flavour, is an acquired flavor that not everyone can accept. So in the end we only ate the mussel without the cheese.

Version 2 Cheeseburger - S$9.50

Grilled beef burger stuffed with buffalo mozzarella serve with sweet mustard relish and straight cut fries. The beef patty was very thick, juicy, flavourful and succulent. I'm surprise that it's only cost S$9.50, really value for money.

Asian Lamb Chop - S$25.00

Rose wine flambe lamb chop with caramelised fig and young carrot. One of their signature dish. Very nicely done up according to my Aunt Peggy. She enjoyed it very much.

Merlion Seafood Stew - S$16.50

A combination of selected fresh seafood cooked in a rich broth enhanced with Asian spices and a light coconut milk. This gravy was very laksa liked and a pity it should served with rice or at least some bread rolls. My aunt find it weird to eat it alone so we ordered a steamed rice for her which cost S$2.00! Overall it was not bad and seafood was very fresh.

Spinach Fettuccini - S$12.50

Sauteed with farm mushroom and herbs cream. I had this but find that the pasta was a bit undercooked though the cream sauce was good so didn't manage to finish it.

Olio Alio - S$12.50

Stir fried pasta with garlic, chilli flakes, olive oil and served with shaved Parmesan. My cousin commented that she don't like the chilli flakes, too overpowering and it's take away the fragrant of olive oil and garlic though pasta texture was good.

Bounce by Tornado
201 Victoria Street
#07-02/03 Illuma @ Bugis
Singapore 188067
Tel: 6509 9888
Opening hours: 11am -11pm


Harris said...

i love burgers and to see that version 2 burger going for $9.50 just makes me want to try it soon! :)

Wen said...

Hi Harris,

The burger is worth trying! Oh ya! Happy Chinese New Year to you! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Cookie said...

glad you got well in time for the celebration! Happy TIGER year!

Wen said...

Hi Cookie,

Thank you.

Me too, Wishing you and your family Happy Chinese New Year and a Properous one in the Year of Tiger! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Jean said...

I am going to try later with my love

weiwen said...

hey.. is dere ani reservation for bounce restaruant??

Wen said...

Hi Weiwen,

I don't think so. I was so there on a Sunday evening and it was pretty quiet.

weiwen said...

ty..great review...

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