Feb 4, 2010

Ikea Restaurant at Tampines

24th Jan 2010

Chicken wings & meat balls reminded you of where? Where else but Ikea! Ikea restaurant is a nice place to have brunch on Sunday, nothing fancy but good value for money swedish and local food. We were there with my uncle on Sunday for lunch. Also, a place we will pay a visit every year during this period especially after our spring cleaning to buy some home decor stuff for CNY.

The restaurant is usually packed, we waited awhile for the table and food. Wow, we ordered quite a lot of food for the 5 of us but we only spend about S$60 buck.

Sea Coast Salad

We liked the mini shrimps and mussel that went well with the 1000 island dressing and lettuces.

Salmon in Black Pepper Sauce

The salmon was not over cooked so it was moist and tender. Though the pepper sauce was a bit salty but rich and flavourful. Not bad.

Roast Chicken Leg

The roast chicken leg lack flavour and a tad too dry for our liking. It would be nicer if it was served with some sauce. The mashed potato on the other hand was rather good, it was creamy and buttery that blend well with the sauce.

Local Rice Set

Rice served with fried chicken, fish and steamed vegetables with sambal. Though simple but was quite nice especially the sambal went well with everything.

Two of our all times favourite that we will definitely order when we dine at Ikea...

Meat Balls (10 pcs)

Chicken Wings

Daim Cake

Quite sweet but the chocolate crunch was rather addictive.

Phew... we were so full and satisfied after all the above and now times for shopping to aid digestion.

Ikea Restaurant
Ikea Tampines
60 Tampines North Drive 2
Singapore 528764

Tel: 6786 6868 Fax: 6786 8888
Opening hour: 9.30am - 11pm (last order 10pm)


*Harris said...

i love the chicken wings and daim cake. always must have when i go to ikea!

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