Feb 3, 2010

Keng Lock Wan Tan Noodle

22nd Jan 2010

One of my weekday work lunch with colleagues at Blk 630 Bedok Reservoir Food Centre. This hawker centre is pretty near my workplace and we tend to go there for lunch once a month by sharing a taxi to get there. That day I had the wantan noodle which is also one of the popular stall in that food centre.

For S$3.50, I had a plate of nice springy egg noodle with generous serving of flavorful char siew and 3 big plum prawn dumplings. I like my noodles without tomato sauce and lots of chilli.

Keng Lock Wan Tan Noodle

Blk 630 Bedok Reservoir Road
#01-32 Food Centre
Singapore 470630

A new find, the mee rebus is very nice too. Has the authentic flavour that I like. It's from one of the Nasi padang stall in the food centre. Forgot to note down the details. (Photos taken by iPhone)


PFx said...

Wow! Look at those green goodies on the last pictures... Way to go!

Wen said...

Hi PFx,

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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