Feb 2, 2010

Valerie's Almond Cookies Workshop

Attended another CNY baked treats workshop by Valerie's at The Serangoon CC on 21/1/10. Two types of very easy to make and nice Almond cookies were demostrated. Naturally I will list these cookies in my CNY to bake list since it were easy recipes. Yes, my list is out and as usual I'm always very ambitious...haha hope I can finish baking all of them.

Almond Cookies & London Almond Cookies

Login OnePA or Email: valbakes@yahoo.com.sg for workshops schedules.


KennyT said...

I hope I could attend this kinda workshop one day soon.

Wen said...

Hi Kenny,

Oh is baking workshop popular in Hong Kong? Hope to read about you attending one someday...

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