Mar 5, 2010


7th Feb 2010

This is a great find recommended by my uncle's neighbour. A "Zi Char" stall situated in a corner coffee shop along Serangoon Road that serve dishes filled with wok hei and price wise is pretty reasonable. If you are looking for authentic "Da Pai Dang" zi char style dishes, this is a right place to go. Serving portion is quite big and standard which can serve more than 5 paxes irregardless of number of person dining. Must tried dishes are Stir fry clams, Fish head in bean sauce, Fried rice & Hor fun. The stall is only operated by a couple probably in their 50's so the wait is rather long but afterall is worthwhile as the food is good.

Stir Fry Clams

The clams were so big and fleshy. Yum...

Song Fish Head in Black Bean Sauce

This was a very big cut of fish head but the four of us still manage to finish up. Very fresh and the sauce was very rich and flavourful. Complimented the rice very well too.

Pepper Crab

Not as nice as the above 2 dishes, as this was a bit dry and bland for our liking.

Stir Fry Cai Sim

Simple and nice.

龙山咖啡店 Long San Eating House
566 Serangoon Road
Singapore 218181


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