Mar 2, 2010

Jin Fu Seafood Restaurant

4th Feb 2010

Another Sizzling Wok's recommendation tried by me. Visited my uncle so had dinner at Jin Fu since the coffee shop is just right behind his house. According to my uncle, this zi char stall is usually packed especially after the TV programme but they are able to deliver all the orders pretty efficient and fast. Pricing is rather resaonable and as for the cooking, some of the dishes are a bit too sweet & starchy for our liking. Their zi char style is not the authentic type that is filled with wok hei which we always look for in zi char. Overall, is not too bad and rather value for money. The total bill for 6 dishes that evening was about S$90 for the 8 of us including my uncle's friends. These were what we had...

Steamed Fish Head w/Chai Poh - S$18.00

One of the signature dish recommended by the show. A bit too sweet and the sauce was too starchy for our liking but it went pretty well with rice. Personally the sweetness was alright to me and I like the crispy chai poh very much.

Crispy Chicken w/Thai Sauce - S$14.00

This was nicely done as expected but some of us find that the sauce was a bit sweet.

Gongbao Frog Legs - S$16.00

This dish supposed to be sweet & savoury but this was too sweet for our liking.

Nai Bai w/Enoki Mushroom - S$15.00

After all the very heavy seasoning of the above dishes, this vegetable was exceptionally refreshing and yummy. This was the only dish that I can taste the wok hei.

French Bean w/Crispy Eggplant - S$12.00

This was nice but a bit oily so cannot take too much.

Braised Tofu w/Minced Pork - S$10.00

The minced pork was not flavourful enough and the sauce was again too starchy but the tofu was not bad, soft and fine.

Jin Fu Seafood Restaurant
Blk 844 Tampines St 82
Singapore 520844
Tel: 6787 4255
Opening hour: 5pm to 12am daily


Jinhock said...

hi :) i have seen your comments and i am sorry for the over sweetness and also thank you for reviewing our stall! the thing is different costumers have diferent likings. Thus its kinda hard for us to sastify every costumers liking, thus the dishes would be  alittle more stronger in flavouring so that people wont find it too bland. :) but you can request for us to cut down on the sweetness and everythings, eg less oily and salty. this is a minor issues as we can address it if the costumer requests for a certain change. i hope you would understand our difficulties and continue supporting us! thank you very much! :) you can try out our new branch at ang mo kio too! :)

wensdelight said...

Hi Jinhock, thanks for stopping by. I will take note of your advice the next time I visited your restaurant again.

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