Apr 19, 2010

Paul Macaron from Paris

4th Apr 2010

My brother bought me a box of macarons from Paul - Paris! Thank you bro! Wow my first time tasting macarons all the way from Paris - The world of macarons. As I always say I'm not an expert in macaron. As long as it's not cloggingly sweet, with nice flavour cream and the shell a bit chewy and not too hard, to me this is a good one. So does this macaron qualify in my macaron dictionary? Well it's only passable. I like the flavours and also sweetness just right for me but it was a bit too cookie like than chewy. Also a bit dry and too little cream, I think it would have been nicer when it was just made.


Cuisine Paradise said...

Wow... All the way from Paris... so good!!!!!! I am sure it taste great, sweet and heart warming :)

Wen said...

Yes I enjoyed it.

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