Apr 19, 2010

Picnic on Easter Day

2nd Apr 2010

On Easter day holiday, we had a picnic gathering with my buddies & their families at East Coast Park. As usual I always contribute most of the food even though it's supposed to be a pot luck. That morning I woke up at 6am to prepare the food with my aunt's help as she will fry the bee hoon for me. Let's see what I had prepared, my rather sumptuous picnic basket consists of:

Assorted sandwiches platter

Crepes with chicken mayo, Butter rolls with egg & bacon mayo and Focaccia with tuna & onion.

Korean Rice Roll (Kimbap)

Haha my signature dish and also my buddies' all time favourite!

Fried beehoon with canned stewed pork ribs

My aunt's signature beehoon. Another all time favourite!

Grilled cheese sausages with capsicum and onions

I remembered I ate this dish at one of the catering - Eatz sometimes ago and like it very much. So try making it myself. Easy to prepare and nice to eat too, goes pretty well with hotdog bun.

Smoke Duck Salad

This is my family's recent craze especially my aunt. Been eating this quite often so thought of making it for my buddies to try.

Valerie's Ultimate Chocolate Muffins

As most of the food were savoury items so I make some sweet stuff for the kids. Everyone love this super moist and chocolatey muffin especially the kids and the men.

Mada's Chicken Curry

This was contributed by H's families which was cooked by her mum (we always called her mada) and drinks also supplied by them. Very nice and spicy curry!

CP Mexican Wings

This was prepared by J.

Sotong balls and chicken mid wings

This was also by J.

Easter Day's Picnic at East Coast Park

So much food and amazingly the 15 of us managed to finish all of it. We had an enjoyable day at the beach from morning till late afternoon 6 plus and thank God the weather was pretty breezy that day. The old ones playing cards, the young ones playing & cycling at the beach where some of us just laze around doing nothing. Sometimes this is also a form of relaxation... don't you agree?


Cookie said...

Yeah, I agree with my 2 hands and 2 legs up in the air - great day out!

Wen said...

Hi Cookie,

Thanks for the spontaneous comment!

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