May 2, 2010

Pot luck lunch at work

16th Apr 2010

It's one of our rather close colleague - FL last with us. We decided to organise a pot luck lunch at work. Each of us contribute somethings for lunch and it's so fun. The lunch was great and everyone of us enjoyed tremendously. Here's the contributions from all of us, it's a really yummy lunch!

Potato Salad by Sharon

Shepherd Pie by Connie

Curry Chap Chye by Marilyn

Assorted Soon Kueh & Glutinous Kueh by Foong Ling

Dumplings by Wang Lin

Fried Beehoon by me (Actually prepared by my aunt for me)

Fried Noodles by Cho

CP Chicken by Agnes

Sotong balls by Angeline

Mini Eclairs by me (from Supermarket - very nice!)

Longan Glass Jelly Drinks by Lily & Sandra

Fruits by Marilyn


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