Jun 17, 2010

Sunday Brunch at home

16th May 2010

A delightful Sunday brunch at home. I have not been baking recently but done quite a lot of easy cooking especially on weekends. Since attending Chef Yong's Big Breakfast Show workshop been wanting to try out the thick mushroom omelette recipe but too lazy to make my own sausages so the day before picked up a pack of fresh chicken sausage from Cold Storage and some bread rolls from Cedele. All ready to impress my family with my brunch menu.

Thick assorted mushrooms omelette with truffle mayo, grilled fresh tomatoes & herbs sausage and roasted oregano cherry tomato served with Cedele bread rolls and cucumber salad.

A satisfying complete meal at home.

The 2 types rolls I bought from Cedele was yummy. Onion Olive Coriander Roll is sugar free and Eggless. Filled with sweet onions, Kalamata Olives and scented with Coriander leaves. As for the Cranberry Crumble Brioche Roll is a soft, light & buttery bread with Healthy Cranberries.
The fresh chicken sausages from Cold Storage are ordinary and a bit dry for my liking probably I have over grilled it.
Roasted tomatoes are yummy and goes pretty well with the rest. Omelette was good but was not as thick as it should be. Will try out this recipe again.


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