Aug 15, 2010

Spinelli's Dog Bone Cookies

2 Jun 2010

Out of curiosity I bought these dog bone cookies to try. Sometimes ago I saw my cousin munching it and told me is one of her favourite snack from Spinelli. These cookies are displayed in large glass jar at the counter that you won't miss out. I find it tasted like ordinary butter cookies, texture is a bit cakey and not crisp. The choc cookies is the chewy and cakey type. Perfect to go with a cup of coffee or tea. Lol! If my doggies see me eating these they will think that I'm stealing their biscuit...

Dog Bone Cookie - S$1.00 ea
Double Chocolate Chip Cookie - $1.20 ea

I like the wordings on the paper bag.

Avaliable in most Spinelli's cafe:


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