Jan 3, 2011

Kim Sun @ Circuit Road Food Centre

4th Dec 2010

Zi Char stall in Food Centre can be really nice and value for money as compared to those from coffee shop due to lower rental cost. Kim Sun located at Circuit Road Food Centre is one of my family's favourite hawker stall zi char. Their cooking is always filled with so much "wok hei"! The stall is now operated by the son, 2nd generation. They are around since the 1970s. We have not dined there for quite sometimes as the food centre was closed for renovation and was only opened recently. We really missed their food and glad that the standard still remain. Here's some of our favourite dishes and total bill was about S$60 only for the 5 of us. Cheap and good!

Claypot Ginger & Sesame Oil Chicken

Deep Fried Seabass with Sauce

Pai Gu Wang (Pork Ribs)

Bittergourd with Sliced Fish

Beansprout with Salted Fish

Pig Stomach Soup

Kim Sun Restaurant
79A Circuit Road
#01-85 Circuit Road Food Centre


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