Mar 9, 2011

BK Tendergrill Day - 10th March 2011

I have not been blogging for more than a week due to tight working schedules as usual for this time of the year. Also have not been visiting others much too. However this is so interesting that I like to blog about it too. I will resume updating my tons of backlogs and start to do some baking by next week...

If you have missed Mcdonald's 1 for 1 Mcgrill promotion, don't worry there is an even better deal offer by Burgerking.

BK is holding a one-day promotion tomorrow 10th March from 11am at all BK restaurants in Singapore (except Escape Theme Park) for the $1 Tendergrill. Usual price from $5.25. You simply need to flash a visual of this promotion in any form (physical clipping or electronic). Redemption period is from 11am till restaurant closes on 10th March.

This is the first time in Singapore that BURGER KING Singapore is offering a $1 offer for their Tendergrill Chicken burger, which is BK’s premium menu product.

On 10th Mar 2011 - only at S$1.00!!!
Normal price: from $5.25* (a la carte)
* Pricing varies at selected restaurants


Juicy, tender, flame‐grilled 100% premium chicken thigh meat on a water spilt corn‐dusted bun, topped with a slice of red tomato with creamy mayo and crisp lettuce. A tasty and healthy combination of white meat and fresh vegetables that brings a soul‐satisfying smile to your face in every bite!


Product : BK Tendergrill Chicken burger (a la carte)
Promotion Period : 10th Mar 2011 Thu (while stocks last!), from 11 am (after breakfast hours)
How to redeem : Simply flash this advertisement/promotion in any visual form when ordering, such as a coupon printout, newpaper clipping, MMS, edms etc
Conditions : One redemption of the $1 Tendergrill Chicken Burger per customer. Simply queue again if you want another!
Availability : All BK restaurants islandwide except Escape Theme Park
This is definitely too good to be missed... don't you think so!!!

By the way, this is my 1000th post!!! Hooray!


The Sweetylicious said...

CONGRATS wen! (: yes, is a great deal! im sure there'll be long queue forming up at BK! :D

Cuisine Paradise said...

Wow!~~~~ Congratz on yr 1K posts!!!

Bakertan said...

hey wendy,

yeah i heard about this from my fren. I bet BK outlets will be flooded on 10th march.

wow 1000 posts is a great deal. I just passed my 100th post mark recently...

Wen said...

Thank you Jasmine, Ellena & ZY,

edith said...

I am a big fan of BK but I reckon that there will be a long queue. Recently tried out Wendy's and it was a total disappointment, the burger was cold and the meat smell yucky. The portion size is pathetic as well. I rather spend my money on BK instead.

Jean said...

think im gonna flash this picture off from ur blog through my phone hahahah thanks for sharing!

Wen said...

Hi Edith, I read lots of bad reviews on Wendy's so never intend to try.

Wen said...

Hi Jean, haha... thanks for your support!

DG said...

Exactly happened to me too, tight out with my working schedule, miss out blog hopping :) Saw this advertise too, but just thinking of the long queue ... forget it!
Congrats to your 1K post ... big WOW to you! :)

Quay Po Cooks said...

Congrats on your 1000th post!

Wen said...

Thanks Doris & Quay Po Cooks!

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