Aug 20, 2012

Mount Batur Volcano & Lake Batur

Day 2 (Part 6) - 26th Aug 2011

Mount Batur located at Kintamani area, is an active volcano. The first eruption was registered on 1804 and has been active since then with the last eruption in 2000. Kintamani village is a popular tourist place as it has the best panorama view of Mount Batur. 

The weather is cooling in Kintamani. Best time to visit in order to have a clarified view of the volcano and lake is from 10am to 3pm. We were there around 2 plus and the area already getting cloudy and misty.

Terrific view of Mount Batur Volcano. 

Panorama view of Batur Volcano and Lake Batur.

There are tours that bring you onto the lava field for sun rise trekking.

Beautiful lake view from far as I zoomed in my camera.

There are quite a number of restaurants along Kintamani that serve lunch buffet where most of them offer good views of Batur Volcano and Lake.

Along the road, we spotted fruit stall and got down to get some fruits.

Neatly display to attract customers and oh boy...look at the weighing scale! Really antique! We bought some mangosteens. 

We discovered tangerines farm along the road too. This reminded me of Jeju Island in!

There are so many tangerines around and so beautiful to look at! However we didn't dare to pluck at all even though no one was guarding! 

Stay tune for the next post coming up ... Santi Agrowisata Coffee Farm


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