Sep 6, 2012

Santi Agro Wisata Farm

Day 2 (Part 7) - 26th Aug 2011

We visited Santi Agro Wisata Coffee and Cocoa Farm after Mount Batur Volcano. The purpose of the visit is to have a taste of the famous Kopi Luwak which is only produced in Indonesia. The coffee is so special and expensive because of the tedious process it takes to produce. The coffee berries are fed to the civet cat, the beans are digested and fermented in the civet cat's digestive tract, the beans are then passed out whole in the feces. The farmer will collect the beans, washed, dried and lightly roasted. Through this process, the coffee yield an aromatically smooth with less bitterness.   

Santi Agro Wisata Farm
Jalan Raya Tampaksiring - Kintamani
Br Temen, Gianyar - Bali

Cocoa tree with pod

Vanilla Plant

Cinnamon tree

Coffee tree

The farm keeps 2 civet cats for luwak coffee production. Our guide cum driver trying to wake the civet cat with a stick.

Defecated luwak coffee berries

In this little hut, we can see how the luwak coffee was manually processed. 

The defecated beans from the civet are thoroughly washed and sun dried.

The beans are roasted over wood fire stove.

The roasted beans are then grind.

The last step is to sieve it. 

The al fresco cafe offer visitors free sampling of some of the flavoured coffee & drink except Kopi Luwak.

Enjoying the coffee with a scenic view of the mountain.

We ordered 1 cup of Kopi Luwak to try and was not impressed by it. I find it rather ordinary and concluded that I still prefer coffee with strong aromatic bitterness. They offered free hand wrapped cigar for visitors too. The free sampling drinks are Bali coffee, Bali cocoa, Lemon grass tea, Ginger tea and Bali Ginseng coffee. 

Shopping time... We didn't buy any coffee but did get a few boxes of dark chocolate which was quite nice and smooth. 

Next we will check in to another villa ... Natura Resort and Spa! 


Miso said...

My colleague told me that he had a small cup of Kopi Luwak at $67 in Bali..... That's really expensive!

wensdelight said...

That's must be top grade Kopi Luwak... mine was less than $ No wonder not nice!

Alice P said...

i love kopi luwak!

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