Oct 23, 2012

Water Sport & Lunch at Nusa Dua, Bali

Day 3 (Part 1) - 27th Aug 2011

We started our beach visiting day after a simple American breakfast at the resort. Our guide cum driver brought us to Tanjong Benoa beach at Nusa Dua for some water sports.   

The beach was packed with water sport activities and definitely not a cosy beach to laze around. We spent a short morning on water sport and decided to visit Padang beach which is more suitable for sun bathing and lazing. 

The sport centre at Tanjong Benoa beach offers packages for water sports and we chose one that gave us ride on the banana boat and rolling donut. 

Adi Dive Marine Sport PT
 JL. Pratama Tj Benoa, 
80363 Denpasar
Tel: +62 361 771 800

Type of marine activities offer by the Adi Dive - Banana boat, Rolling Donut, Flying Fish, Parasailing, Water & Jet Ski.

Woohoo... we were on the banana boat! Photo taken by the speed boat assistant.

And we went for the rolling donut ride too... Oh mine! It's quite exhausting as we were trying very hard to hold on to the handle worried that we would be thrown out of the boat...lol!

Warung Nyoman
International Garden View Restaurant
Jl. Pratama No 66X Terora Tanjung Benoa
Nusa Dua, Bali 
Tel: +62 361 778 677

Next, we had our lunch in a one the cafe along Nusa Dua before proceeding to Padang Beach. We had some salad, stir fry mixed vegetables, Mee Soto, Mee Goreng and fruit juice. The lunch cost around RP300,000.

Stay tune for the next update coming up on Padang Beach, this was one of the shooting location of the movie - Eat Pray Love's starred by Julia Robert.  


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