Dec 13, 2008

PA - Cake Making Stage 2 By Richard Goh

These were some of the cakes & pastries demostrated in Stage 2 cake making by Richard Goh. Some of the cake design may be outdated as I attended this workshop in Yr 2006 at Kreta Ayer CC. So maybe now he has improved on the designs.

Stage 2 - 8 sessions (Total recipes - 16)

The recipes in Stage 2 that I like & think is good - Apple Pie, Chocolate Fudge Cake, Cheese Cake, Rich Chocolate Cake, Raisin Buns, Strawberry Fruit Cake & Walnut Cake. (7/16)


Anonymous said...

Hi Wen..

Thanks you very much for all the info, photos and etc. Is all the photos taking by you?

Wen said...

Hi, yes all by me.

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