Nov 11, 2009

Mini Oreo Cookies Cupcakes for Trixette @ Fashion Bazaar

1st Nov 09

My cousin and her friend recently launched an online fashion shop - Trixette. They took up a space at S'pore Flyer Fashion Bazaar on 1/11/09 and wanted me to make some mini cupcakes for giveaway at the Bazaar. Actually she wanted something fancier but I never done any cupcake before except the simple one without icing. So I sugguested making oreo cupcake instead since it was easy and nice to eat. I spend the whole Saturday night baking these cupcakes, almost 180 pcs. Quite tiring and took me almost 4 hours to complete! These were the mini cupcakes that I made and were well received by everyone. Recipe adapted from Happy Flour, thank you Happy Flour for sharing such an easy and yummy recipe.


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