Nov 11, 2009

Valerie's Chantilly Cake Workshop @ 29.10.09

Attended this workshop with my colleague - A at The Serangoon CC. I'm trying to encourage her to attend baking workshop with me because she seem to be interested in baking and been trying out recipes from the Internet but most of the time the bake didn't turn out well. So I hope after she attended this class at least she can have some idea of making a basic sponge cake.

This chantilly cake recipe was created by Valerie after she tasted it at Ristorante Da Valentino - Perla's Pastry Boutique, whereby Chantilly cake is their specialty and best selling cake. Refer to Indulgence after workout for more details on this cake. According to Valerie, her version is almost similar to the one that they are selling. Wow, now we can make our own Chantilly Cake! I haven't tasted the one at Perla's so no comment but according to the review I read, it's sound alike.

Valerie's Chantilly Cake

This cake was very soft and light almost like melt in the mouth with very creamy white chocolate custard cream infused with rum liquor. Yummy!

Chantilly Dessert
A simple dessert to whip up using balance chantilly cream, sponge finger biscuit and berries. Almost similar concept to making tiramisu but using rum syrup instead of coffee. I like this very much, easy to make and looks so appealing.

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