Aug 16, 2010

JuJu Hokkaido Hotpot

20 Jun 2010

Celebrated Father's Day and my younger brother's birthday together at JuJu. A Japanese hotpot restaurant under the same group as Tao's Restaurant. We had a rather pleasant dining experience at Tao's months ago so wish to check out JuJu too.

At JuJu, everything are individually served from starter to dessert and each has it's own hotpot. If going in a group can order different types of main to share to create a variety. The presentation of main is very impressive, the meat/fish are nicely plated with all the vegetables. Due to it's exaggerating presentation, the table seem to be too small and cramp to accommodate the food especially if going in a group more than 4. Service is as expected and well known to be very good. Overall the food is quite fresh for steamboat but a bit too expensive for the limited variety especially so on Father's day where we paid additional $10 each so total per pax was about $46.85 nett. Total for 7 was about $328, really not very worth it as for that amount we can get a better steamboat at JPOT. If you wish to try out go for the lunch set instead, more value for money.

Lunch - 6 Course Set Meal ($19.80++ per person)
Dinner - 7 Course Set Meal ($29.80++ per person )
Additional $10 surcharge on Father's Day so is $39.80++ per person for dinner

1. Starter
Semi-Boiled Golden Egg with House Starters

The egg was very flavourful.

2. Main
There are 9 choices of main to choose from. All were very fresh and we love the presentation. Among them our favourite will be the beef, pork & fish head. I think the beef set is the most value for the money as compared to the rest.

Premium Slices of Prime Beef

Tasty Fish Head

Fresh Pacific Ocean Platter

Juicy Pork Slices

Chicken and Pork Combo

3. Soup
Creamy “Kun Bo” Soup

Other choices: Ju Ju’s Hokkaido “Kun Bo” Clear Soup & Hot and Spicy Soup
Among the 3 types of soup, my family preferred the clear "kun bo" soup. The creamy soup is too milky for my liking and the spicy soup too artificial.

4. Assorted Hand-made Rainbow Dumplings (Dinner)

Not very nice can do without it. It's just a filler to me.

5. Side Dish
Vermicelli / Soba

Other choices: White Rice & Rice Stick.

6. Ice Plum Vinegar
No photo - Refreshing drink to cool down the heat after the steamboat

7. Desserts
Mango Sago
Glutinous Purple Rice topped with Vanilla Ice Cream
Honeydew & Watermelon Ice

Very simple and refreshing.

Birthday cake - Green tea cake from Breadtalk
Chocolate Mousse - Complimentary from JuJu

JuJu Hokkaido Hotpot
1 Selegie Road
PoMo (formerly known as Paradiz Centre)
Singapore 188306
Tel: 6336 6689
Opening hour: 11.30am - 3pm / 5.30pm - 10pm daily


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