Jan 11, 2013

X'mas Bake 2012 Part 5 - Log Cakes!

A day before X'mas Eve, my friend Camay came over my place with her daughter and I helped her made 3 log cakes. And this was only my 2nd attempt in making log cakes and glad that she liked it very much.  

Very productive afternoon... managed to bake 2 durian and 1 strawberry logcakes (recipe from Valerie's baking class). Actually she wanted to learn how to do it but in the end all done by me...lol! She and her daughter did the decoration! 

Strawberry shortcake logcake

Durian logcake 1

Durian logcake 2 

Tong Tong very satisfied and happy with her 1st decorated logcake!

Another Durian Logcake I made on X'mas Eve for my BBQ party!

All ready to go! By the way the logcake boxes are quite expensive, almost $3 per set.


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