Jan 18, 2013

X'mas Celebration 2012 - BBQ & Durian party at work

21st December 2012 
Christmas Party at work! Lots of food and fun!  

Fellow colleagues were very spontaneous to dress up to the occasion to give us some entertainment at the party! A $20 gift was contributed by all staff for gift exchange. I got myself a 16GB thumbdrive! 

BBQ food catered from "BBQ Wholesale Centre"!

Durian party - 3 baskets of "mao shang wang"! My boss ordered direct from the Pahang durian farm. Only one word to describe by durian lovers (anyway I'm not one), that is "SHIOK"! lol! We couldn't finish so get to "tabao" home! 

Catering by "Sedap Corner" (Halal certified). 

Satays from "Superpower Satay"! 

X'mas gifts exchanged with 3 of my work buddies! I got myself a Zoku pop maker and a lunch box!

X'mas presents I received from fellow colleagues! Thank you!


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