Jan 18, 2013

X'mas Eve 2012 BBQ Party with BFF!

On Christmas Eve, I had a BBQ party at one of my BFF's apartment. Just a few of us so we kept it simple by having a potluck! An enjoyable night with BFF and I thank God for the strong bond we shared. Though we don't meet often but we will make it a point to have a gathering on all the important occasions like X'mas, New Year, CNY and birthdays! 

Start a good fire is vital in all BBQ and the chore always landed on the man...lol!

BBQ items contributed by each of us. We had Chicken wings, beef, pork, mutton, bacon, sausages, sambal stingray and squids!

Mango and prawn salad & fried beehoon contributed by me. Otah by Hwee and Sotong balls by Perlyn!

Simple yet delicious! All ready to enjoy! 

S'more contributed by Hwee and Hoon! The kids love it but we find it too sweet! Both of them were crazy about this sweet snack after watching the Korean drama. Melt the chocolate and marsh mallow over the fire and sandwich with waffle biscuit.

Dessert for the night was my durian logcake and longan raspberry jellies!

A candy basket prepared by Jaime and Perlyn for the kiddos!

Nana was very satisfied with her innovative BBQ lemon grass marsh mallow...lol! Going around wanted us to try her creation! Cute girl!

The night ended with gifts exchange and these were the present I received! There were eye cream, toiletries and travel pouches! Thank you besties!


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